what can howe do for you?

We listen to your opportunities and challenges then recommend solutions that align with your goals.



That's what Howe Marketing Communications (HMC) is about. We believe in the power of relationships. Who we know. Who you know. Who they know. Building rapport and maintaining connections through smart work and mutual respect. Providing sound rationale for everything we recommend, then delivering results that are measurable and repeatable.

Founded in 1997, HMC specializes in consulting with local, regional, national and global business-to-business and consumer organizations. We're a full-service agency utilizing the power of knowledge and relationships to achieve desired marketing and business outcomes that help you succeed.


Business Growth. Reputation Management. Product or Service Promotion.
Leadership Positioning. Industry Awareness. Image Building.

Howe Marketing Communications LLC is a full-service marketing communications firm with
capabilities including:

  • Marketing Communications and Public Relations strategic planning and general counsel,
    program development and execution
  • Creative Services (for all media)
  • Writing (news releases, articles, brochures, scripts, ads, speeches, etc.)
  • Collateral material creation and production (brochures, sales aids, POP)
  • Ad creative, production and media placement (print, digital and broadcast)
  • Direct mail -- traditional and electronic
  • Visual media -- illustration, infographics, animation, video
  • Digital marketing/social media
  • Media relations
  • Research
  • Crisis management
  • Event planning and execution/Trade Show support  


HMC has wide experience in global communications and knows that one-size does not fit all. While HMC is physically located in West Michigan, USA, we do business all over the world. Nuances in culture, language, purchasing habits, etc., change along with geography. For times when budget constraints or the requirement for local expertise calls for support on the ground, HMC currently has agency partners in Europe, Japan, Russia, China, and Malaysia. Through relationships with key industry professional associations that include Counselors Academy and WorldCom, we can quickly connect with resources anytime, anywhere...WHEREVER you are.